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tv   [untitled]    October 19, 2010 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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repelled a group of militants linked to al qaeda stormed the parliament building in russia's republic of chechnya but all were killed in a prompt security operation. speaking or regionally agreeing a continentally on uniting and globally russian friend john german leaders met in the french resort to talk about terra visas and security. russia's horrific crash statistics called polls to review its driving education system as many incompetent drivers bribe their way onto the road. r.t. is coming to you live from moscow welcome to the program a group of militants who broke into the parliament of russia's republic of chechnya
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have all been killed in a shootout with special forces and at least three other people died and seventeen were injured as the gunman stormed into the building in the capital grozny more details now from our correspondent on a little child. we are in front of the palm and that has been attacked by the militants earlier this day the investigators are still working on the scene what we do know is that four militants drove into the parliament spock in so they followed the car of one of the parliament members the militants who are believed to have links to al qaeda opened fire killed a security guard. probe into the building and later on they were blocked in this building are a several security guards who were killed on the tour of the head of the chechen republic says that the operation to counter terrorist operation was short and successful all the militants were killed some of them are believed to be suicide or murders and their bodies are yet to be identified seventeen people have been
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injured during this attack six of them are police officers and eleven civilians should not believe the russian interior minister who has been in chechnya at the moment overtax says that the operation was successful and this is how he commented on the situation you are. today it eight forty five am militants made it attempt to get into the parliament building as usual their plans failed police stopped the militants were killed. there have been conflicting reports if they attack in crossly earlier this day like there was information bed one of the militants escaped to cost or just but this was later on denied by the interior ministry they have also been reports that these buildings have been mined which is not true and there have been speculations that one of the members of the palm and was injured during their tax and we haven't received any confirmation so far are these militants are also believed to be connected to the group that attacked the whole
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village of credit of the church and president earlier this fall right now investigators are working on the scene this a curator measures in grozny and throughout the borders with other republics have been tightened. artichokes on a little show her reporting that now there have been a number of successful security operations in southern russia recently which have revealed how militants there have links to al qaeda ati's natalia nova reports on the impact international terrorism has on russia. it's too soon to say who is responsible for this latest attack on the chechen parliamentary building but indeed the investigations into terrorist attacks that have been taking place in russia recently have shown that behind many of them stupid international terrorist organizations and experts say the terrorists from different countries are in fights cooperation across the world what is happening in russia particularly in northern caucasus what is happening in europe because we know that it was a red collar threat
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a few weeks ago there well that makes us think that this is sort of terrorist funded media in the world again and whether these are international whether this is national i think that it is a global war both of them are already. in june this year the u.s. authorities have called google more of an international terrorist linking his activities with al qaida now in washer the man is the first on the list of wanted by the country's security forces and the country's authorities as he was behind the two explosions that took place in moscow's not sure in march this year when two female suicide bombers exploded themselves killing forty people and leaving another eighty eight injured just several months after that another explosion to place in the city of partygoers still in a car that was parked on one of the streets over the city exploded injuring thirty people luckily no one died in that one just two months after that another suicide
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bomber drove a car sues the cars central markets and exploded himself in the car killing nineteen people and leaving t.v. hundred injured and many experts also linked with those two terrorist attacks to the international terrorist groups also recently by that review board and was arrested in the moscow region the man was the surf spreading extremist literature among people he is the head of one of international terror. it's troops that is based in turkey but seems to be operating in the moscow region so he is known for training suicide bombers by hypnosis and of course a cases like that give you an idea of the scale of the president some international terrorist groups in russia. that's hardly an overcoat reporting well i. divided over a pledge of allegiance. this country defines itself as a jewish and democratic state but if you ask just about any arabs here they'll tell
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you it's heavy on the jewish and rather light on the democratic we report on how our recently adopted loyalty oath believes straining uneasy israeli palestinian relations even further also. potential drivers are supposed to go to a driving school and pass a test on a close course like this one that we're on right now as well as study the different tactics of driving from a written test but that's not exactly how it happens in most cases around moscow russia is renowned for its roads and reckless motorists find out how a driving license is come out of college quite literally. russia's president dmitri medvedev will attend the nato summit next month in lisbon welcomed as a major move towards closer ties with the e.u. you know it's been came during talks between the russian french and german leaders in the french resort of the view. to bring us out of following all the meeting.
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many experts are already saying that the mood of resetting ties which started of course with russia and the united states is now moving eastward with relations between russia and the e.u. also growing closer stronger better ties all the three leaders russian president dmitry medvedev and his colleagues angle of merkel and nicolas sarkozy took the chance to reiterate the friendship and the nature of trust that exists at the moment between the three countries and they want to continue investing into that trust and building on that friendship to develop their relationship specifically of course the russian president's agreement to attend the nato summit in lisbon that will take place next month that many already viewing as a sign that russia and nato are getting over some of its differences and difficulties and are willing to work together. we're happy the russian president will be taking part in the russian nato summit in lisbon that's because nato has
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new strategic concept is aimed at good gratian without the contras including russia i think russia has confirmed that we have to fight against terrorism and nuclear weapons and i think we should tackle easy shoes together. so of course this is a very important step for russia and the european union this decision to work closer with nato are discussing the potential for russia to join the european anti-missile defense program according to the leaders was also discussed and of course a number of other issues on which previously europe and russia did not exactly see eye to eye upon specifically of course the war in south of thousand and eight and today president sarkozy actually said the best way for the situation to develop and to progress would be for georgia to sign a non invasion agreement and for russia to agree to post european observers in
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those territories. we have to continue diplomatic efforts through the. house you can meet snorts using fools you know russian friends in return have to european of. course many were expecting to hear more details about this proposed plan for a global european security system that was proposed by the russian president on a number of occasions but despite the fact that all of the leaders did say they talked about it there haven't been any definitive conclusions to come out of their discussions they have said that they will continue discussing and that they do need a system like that because of course of the ever growing threats not only to states individually but to communities as a whole to europe to russia to the entire continent and that is why people need to work together and perhaps figure out a way to encompass a global security system that would be satisfactory to everybody involved because the rebels out of
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a reporting that now is still to come in the program. famous female spy also known as the russian james bond girl on the chapman is in the headlines once again hitting the beaches of the most popular men's magazines in the country to find out more from me in just a few moments. a law forcing prospective israeli citizen jews to pledge allegiance to a jewish state. among arabs despite the israeli government wanting to extend the oath to jews are obsessed to refuse to swear loyalty to a state that has prosecuted them. reports. this photograph is all that remains from samir worldwide his family home the house survived for generations but it couldn't survive an israeli demolition two years ago. i started to have problems with the circulars ten years ago they wanted to take all of my land they took one house and
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then they wanted to take this house since then he started rebuilding. thing god the supreme courts discovered that fake documents they changed the name of my grandfather on the papers but the discovery didn't help him hang on to most of his grandfather's land a family of israeli settlers now lives on property to samir insists is his and his story only one of many. in the two hours we spend here therefore a recess and the usual round of tear gas rubber bullets and blame and because the union shouldn't complain about anything they should say thank you israel thank you that we are still here and they'll be saying a lot more than that if the country's foreign minister avigdor lieberman gets his way he wants all one million arab israeli citizens to pledge loyalty to the jewish state the arab world if they want us to give concessions for peace if they want us
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to give you some sacrifices for peace they should start looking at the us is getting with. state so lieberman has his supporters but he's also got his detractors arabs and many israeli jews are up in arms this country defines itself as a jewish and democratic state but if you ask just about any arab here they'll tell you it's heavy on the jewish and rather light on the democratic. angry demonstrators take to the streets claiming the next step transferring arab israelis to a palestinian state but the government is doing its best to accommodate lieberman's demands and recently approved the loyalty bill by a twenty two eight majority on. the government under american pressure to freeze settlement building and needs lieberman's support but arab citizens lack a windy one never given a hollow muscle or how that argument i'm
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a muslim and i'm not allowed to swear in the world due to a jewish day what should i swear to in the first word to them what do i think them . but what if young and as jerusalem announces preliminary plans for two hundred thirty eight new secure homes scenes like this are much more likely than arabs pledging allegiance to an israel that keeps them under the thumb policy r t tel of of. the glamorous russian agent and that chapman is in the headlines again since her arrest in the u.s. in july the alleged spy has been repeatedly appearing in the news this time she took part in an erotic photo shoot for a moscow based men's magazine that you go to prison off as now i'd like to give us more details on this so you're going to tell me how did an undercover agent suddenly become the media darling. well let me just tell you some background first chaplain's name turned up at first last june when during the biggest spy scandal
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between moscow and washington since the cold war american authorities announced that they've arrested a group of people suspected of. working as secret russian agents undercover in the united states all of them were arrested and had undergone trial were found guilty of being unregistered illegal foreign agents their property was taken away they're all banned from ever coming back to america ever again unless a green light is given by the white house itself they're also all banned from ever publishing any information on their activities while working undercover in the united states they were all defaulted from the states in exchange for four people who were previously found guilty here and were serving time in russia for being foreign spies but even after ana chapman came back to russia her name still stayed in the headlines since being very young very successful business woman she also used to be married to a british citizen she also used to have british or british citizenship which was
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actually taken away after this spy scandal but there were various reports of her name figuring of her name being. being said in many russian media various times first of all there was this alleged controversial photo shoot with one men's magazine in russia which almost ended up in court just a previously we saw on a chopped man waving goodbye to the latest speech school going to the international space station from waco on cosmodrome just previously on monday there were unconfirmed reports from russian media that anna chapman was decorated with a state award by the president himself with this was unconfirmed information about this relatively secret awards ceremony at the kremlin on monday where intelligence officers to come forward and now the latest news is that ana chapman
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is going to hit the pages of the most popular men's magazine in russia and for more on that i'm now joined by the editorial director of moxie my russian magazine. thank you very much for joining me and letting us just tell us more about this photo shoot when should we expect to see it and what actually happened there well it should be that the magazine is going to hit the news stands any day from now it's twenty first the most likely it will be in moscow and down the rest of the russia. should we made in the will made its inaugural it was a regular makes him shoot we would normally put ladies in bikinis and i'll cover it was always a successful recipes but you did very. well on a chapman is definitely not a professional model would you say that she did her job. well yeah she's definitely one of the most most beautiful woman out of the met. so it was not
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a problem to do the modeling part of a job it was it was just fun to work with you it was very easy very small with and i believe we made one of the best shoes we haven't made oh you just said it you've met personally on a chapman can you tell us more about the russian james. blouse. as i said she's a very very beautiful. of course but everybody knows it by now already but she's also the open minded and i would say very western minded person and surprisingly enough she's not just afraid for a job you know mediocre somebody she's quite a personality and i'm pretty sure that she's strong enough to succeed in any any any way she will she will choose in the future well do you think this photo shoot will sell what are your expectations well i definitely hope so because because she's not only a russian celebrity she's a worldwide celebrity she's more than that she's like
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a brand almost she's as famous as a machine gun a russian ballet these days so i'm sure that all followers not only in russia but in the west will be excited to see all of the deal which. already on our side to make someone lined you and were planning to put even longer one in a couple of days when the legs of the kids and yourself well would june name on and chapman a powerful woman and perhaps if she decides to take the politics role would you see there are chance that she could become a successful politician but absolutely yeah why not as i said she's a very open minded and very western minded person and there are more people like that we have an all government that better for the country feel ask me i don't know i think she's she says all the chances to become whatever she wants in this life. actually just said the government we know that your magazine also had photo shoots with some of the debt female deputies of the state duma and would you say that this is actually raising the level of patriotism image perhaps. a mother
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why not why not i think i think the more beautiful people have in our government the better for the country if you ask me and the more women we have in our parliament the better for the country i mean we should change it so it's it's a different time now and i think that makes him made quite a name for that yeah yeah i thank you very much for your time this was the editorial director of the monks in russia magazine recently. all right aussies you go to prison off thank you. now getting behind the wheel in russia means you could be taking your life into your hands each year around twenty five thousand people are killed on the roads in a country renowned for drivers with a distinct disregard for safety but getting a license in russia does not necessarily guarantee driving skills you may just mean the right person has been paid off shown thomas found out. welcome to russia where
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the roads are notoriously bad driver safety seemingly optional and of the traffic notorious. we have very busy traffic which has been poorly organized and which we can. where's improvements interchanges have been made inefficiently traffic lights haven't been working properly and road signs are located in such a way that drivers often can't see them all this results in numerous accidents. in two thousand and nine alone there were nearly two hundred four thousand car accidents the human cost was twenty six thousand deaths and more than a quarter of a million people seriously injured the international transportation forum lists russia as having the most traffic deaths per capita in the world many believe corruption and general lack of knowledge are to blame do you know the traffic signs . i do what does this one mean. i don't know really i don't know oh isn't this amazing drivers are supposed to go to
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a driving school and pass a test on a close course like this one that we're on right now as well as study the different tactics of driving from a written test but that's not exactly how it happens in most cases around moscow. there are two problems with fake driving licenses the first is that criminal groups issue fake licenses of such a high quality that only a specialist can see it's fake people buy a fake license and think it's real the other problem is bribes and driving schools to pass driving tests this girl wishes to remain anonymous but for the purposes of television we will call her like many russian drivers she's purchased her license illegally so how much did it cost her well the actual amount is eight hundred years dollars but there was that money i think should be from a driving school i was supposed to attend classes and so on but i was living in st petersburg at the time so i couldn't show up at the school. but as county learned
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learning how to drive properly isn't as essential as having the proper pay off some of my fathers or their physicians would blackmail me for money and that is why there was no need for me to obtain my license in a traditional way it's easier to buy it he took me to some distant metro station in moscow suburb they are they invited me to a room the issued my driving license to me and took my photograph i was so ashamed i said i am sorry i will really learn how to drive the answer doesn't matter to us . and now even thinks she may be a threat on the road. yes i have a feeling that i'm a threat to pedestrians if you days ago i fail to see bicycle rider in the dark i think that can serve as just a vacation prompting many to call for a complete overhaul of russia's driver's education system at the system or that it's not enough to fire a bribe taker it's necessary to change the entire system as long as there is demand there will be supply we need real changes at the high level in the interior
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ministry and probably even at the state management level hopefully making russia's roads a safer place to be sean thomas r.t. moscow. time now for the business with charlotte. for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. in indonesia he's available in hotels. a resort and spa. resort and spa only. been turned. sunday a beach hotel the western resort. sofitel some in the. resort and spa the ritz carlton hotel grounds you called the hotel full seasons hotel the sultan hotel.
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hello and welcome to the business program here on oxy with this folly the russian at roh ways plans to raise about five billion dollars by selling subsidiaries and also over the next two years the program for this year includes selling thirty five percent of trans and ten percent of trans credit bank to raise six hundred million dollars. in additional six hundred million this year by selling sixty three thousand carriages and by leasing other assets in total the company plans to sell stalled in forty eight subsidiary. in twelve. the russian government to the fifty billion dollar reason to improve the country's investment climate it has an extensive program of privatization and it wants to get to the markets but does the united way of the reports of supply that needs the help foreign capital. hundred
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billion dollars has flowed into the russian economy as foreign investment but it could have been more if not for administrative barriers about access to infrastructure and labor difficulties in the regions it's inadequate training of the workforce number two its difficulties for accessing financing number three its high levels of corruption and number for unfair competition from the grey market the prime minister to get nude of the criticism and assured their semblant investors and business people he understood their problems however he was keen to point out the progress that had been made the right to leave that had been slashed the fight against corruption and the opening up of the russian market reforms would continue he said pledging that foreign investors could count on getting the same treatment from the offices of state as domestic companies which is in your position we do make a distinction between russian and foreign business when it comes to protecting the rights of investors it's important for us to create comfortable conditions for
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those who want to make investments in russia to develop their business to promote their goods and services. the russian government has a strong incentive to quickly improve investor sentiment it has an extensive program of privatization to get away with this many as twenty of the country's biggest state run companies marked for possible sale the finance ministry wants to raise around fifty billion dollars from the assets over the next five years to help cover the budget deficit it's an ambition that will be hard to achieve if i wanted my knees afraid to come here you know when we've a business r.t. . the proposition program itself will help to improve investment climate in russia that's according to a letter to talk of a present of morgan stanley in russia and the c.i.s. . i do believe it will because that's one of the concerns of the government is too involved governments know or where are very efficient in running the companies in any way and the more companies become public they have to report to investors they
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have to independent independent directors the more transparent and open the economy will be so i think privatization is a very important stuff and the direction. era float shares are heading for their highest close in more than two years that's up to russia's recommended the government so a minority stake in the company as part of its privatization program currently the state of the center of russia's national power which is the capitalization of two point five billion dollars. plus a look at how the markets are performing now when u.s. stocks are trading sharply lower after failed to sell it when it was street expected and bank of america reported its surprise the dow jones was thinking of more than one percent this hour investors are also rattled by a surprise quarter point hike in china's benchmark lending and of course that rates but it dragging the main markets in europe itself then uses futures.


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